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Character: Fam Fan Fan
Series: Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing
Character Age: 16
Canon: IN A WORLD where one nation, the Ades Federation, seeks to unify all others under a completely sketchy "peace," sometimes all you need to get by are some vanships and the power of friendship. Fam Fan Fan possesses both of these things. A sky pirate who makes a living off of capturing large airships ('Skyfish') and selling the parts, Fam finds herself in the middle of a worldwide conflict when she meets Millia, a princess of the kingdom of Turan, and vows to help her restore her nation after Ades forces destroy its capital and she loses everything.

With her best friend and co-pilot, Giselle ('Gisey' for short), Fam pilots a small vanship called a Vespa. Having been flying for many years, she's very skilled and isn't shy about admitting it. In fact, Fam isn't shy about anything; bold, cheerful, and tirelessly optimistic, Fam wears her heart on her sleeve, and it's a big one. She can't ignore anyone in need of help, and she always goes to great lengths to lend a hand. Since she was a small child, Fam has had a dream: to recreate the Grand Race, where vanship pilots from all over the world can gather to compete, and everyone celebrates because the world is at peace, and there's a smile on every face. This dream shows that despite being somewhat brash and spontaneous, Fam's greatest desire is to make people happy.

Sample Post:

Wooow, everything's so green here! But not green like grass and trees--more like the kind of green that bread turns when you leave it on the counter too long! It's all slimy, too… well, I can't complain! I've never been in a swamp before. Nothing wrong with experiencing new things, right? Wait till I tell Gisey and the others that I saw a glowing lake with a giant monster in it! It'll make a great scary bedtime story for the kids!

But, to be honest, I'm not even sure how I ended up in a swamp. Was it the sleepwalking? Or maybe someone's playing a big joke on me? That must be it. Those guys are gonna be in big trouble when I get back! I bet it's because they're scared that when the Grand Race rolls around, I'm gonna leave them in the dust. There's no use being jealous of my skill, guys! I will make it back in time, no matter where you leave me!

Anyway, I should try and talk to some of the people here while I'm waiting to be picked up. The problem is, they look kinda sick, and I think they speak another language. Or at least, I don't know any words that sound like "guhhh" or "urgh". That must be how they say hello. In that case, guhhh to you too, everyone! I'm the famous sky pirate, Fam Fan Fan. Good to meet you! Now, I haven't eaten all day, and I'm starving. Anyone wanna point me towards the food?

--Hah, nice try! I already know what's in that lake. I hunt Skyfish, not sea monsters. And I said I wanted to eat, not be eaten. And no, I don't want to eat your eyeball, either, mister. That's… nice of you, but I was thinking more along the lines of a sandwich. Maybe some potato pancakes. No?

You know what? I changed my mind. Sometimes experiencing new things is pretty lame.